the Whitechapel murders
and Jack the Ripper

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The Whitechapel murders
and Jack the Ripper

By ear and eyes
the book of the crimes

The murder of Mary Jane Kelly
was Kelly really a victim of Jack the Ripper?

A comprehensive review of crime scene and post mortem data from each of five victims of the serial killer referred to as Jack the Ripper. Data from the murders of Mary Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catharine Eddowes, Mary Kelly, Alice McKenzie, and Frances Coles have been analysed in an attempt to provide clues to how many of the Whitechapel murder victims were actually attributable to the same notorious serial killer.


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Mary Jane Kelly is popularly regarded as the final victim of Jack the Ripper's murderous activity - the crescendo of his psychopathic reign -  but there is very little evidence to support this in spite of the extensive mutilation of her corpse. The above image has come to epitomise the Ripper murders but the circumstances of her death strongly suggest that she was murdered by someone other than the Whitechapel serial killer.


An essential text on the Whitechapel murders that deals with the facts; an important addition to your collection.


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‘Was any photograph of the eyes of the deceased taken, in case they should retain any impression of the murderer?’
Jury Foreman at the Annie Chapman inquest

After the invention of photographic processes around the first quarter of the nineteenth century comparisons were inevitably drawn between the camera and film and the human eye and to such an extent that it was believed for a while that upon death, the retina retained an image of the last thing that an individual saw before they died – the obvious extension of this belief was that a murder victim may have imprinted upon his or her retina an image of the killer. By the time of the Whitechapel murders this notion was still a popular belief, if not given credence by the scientific community, prompting the above question to the police surgeon at the inquest into the death of Annie Chapmen.


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