the Whitechapel murders
and Jack the Ripper

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Additional links and resources



A detailed examination of the neck wounds to each of the victims was published in the September 2005 edition of Ripperologist. You can read the article here as a .PDF file by following the link below.

Cutthroat (237KB)

Medico-legal post mortem

Medico-legal aspects of post mortem procedures and modes of dying were documented by G Dixon Mann in his book on Forensic Medicine and Toxicology published in 1893.

Examination of the dead body and modes of dying (36KB)



Victorian post mortem procedure

Read about the contemporaneous procedure for a post-mortem examination as recorded by G Sims Woodhead in his book Practical Pathology published in 1892 - this would have been the basic autopsy procedure followed by Drs Phillips and Bond.

Post mortem examination (220KB)




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